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Subject: Re: Old Dokumentation
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/23/2002 17:30
> What is the Option 'rewirte links:internal/external' for!

It is used to define how links will be rewritten. 
For example, if you capture <>, links 
inside the site such as ( a 
href= will be rewritten 
so that they can be accesses locally, that is, (a 
External links will be also rewritten so that they can be 
accessed when crawling the local site ; for example if you 
filtered all images not to capture them, links like (img 
src='foo.gif') will be changed into something like (img 

The option allows you not to rewrite links, or to rewrite 
them using different flavours. Most of these settings won't 
be really useful for normal users, therefore this option is 
located in the 'Experts' section.
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