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Subject: Re: Filter of query string
Author: Ryuu
Date: 06/11/2013 20:13
- Is 'No External pages' will exclude other server in same domain for us?If
URL is <>
is it will exclude <>* or not

And sorry for makes you misunderstanding
- It's the real case. I just add filter to makes it smaller for you and me too
e.g. not include image's server. I also test with this so it's not interfere
with real result. It just cut non-related factor that I well known. I (and I
think other too) dont want to load image because it's not relate.
- The page is really exist. And I only use those filter - to test that what's
*[file] really match, so I dont use +*.js or -*.js or anything more
I just mirror that URL with those FILTER rule and you can receive the same
In <> has
<> which I think it
should not match a filter at first but it seems it's. which you help me with

** %C3%A9 is é but HTT do correct job with %C3%A9 because link in source is

4) If you want everything use the near flag (get non-html files related) not
- I always use that but I require filter because I dont want to mirror all
website. I want to trim it as small as required. To produce smallest server
load and also used space.
Although it's no-limit website or HTT already limit load but I think we still
need to filter it out properly, not just download them all.

**Also it's not 'Get'em all' or 'Reject all' job. In both case about 5) my job
still need the filter
- If it's only exact domain. I need to include
<>* too if I want image (and
<http://images*[0-9]> which is in another domain).
While it should exclude <>* and some of it which is
unwanted images. So only 'get non-html files related' doesn't enough for this
type of website :P
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