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Subject: copying a http protected site
Author: msuk
Date: 06/12/2013 14:06
Hello all,

I have searched the forums, and followed all the instructions of how to set up
httrack to copy a http password protected but it wont copy.

Looking through the FAQ I came across the following:

Q: I can not access several pages (access forbidden, or redirect to another
location), but I can with my browser, what's going on?A: You may need cookies!
Cookies are specific data (for example, your username or password) that are
sent to your browser once you have logged in certain sites so that you only
have to log-in once. For example, after having entered your username in a
website, you can view pages and articles, and the next time you will go to
this site, you will not have to re-enter your username/password.
To "merge" your personnal cookies to an HTTrack project, just copy the
cookies.txt file from your Netscape folder (or the cookies located into the
Temporary Internet Files folder for IE) into your project folder (or even the
HTTrack folder) 

Can anyone help me to set this up? I am using Firefox v21 browser.

Thanks in advanced


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