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Subject: Re: HTTrack
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/17/2013 20:31
> For example I have a page 1 (level 1), page 2 (level
> 2), page 3 (level 3). On the page 2 is a link to
> page 1 and on the page 3 is a link to page 1 and 2.
> Will HTTrack download the page 1 three times and the
> page 2 two times or will HTTrack ignore the links on
> the page 2 and 3 to the previous page?
It will download once page 1/2/3, and modify all references in pages to these
pages (it will never "ignore" links - links are either rewritten to point to
an external location if not to be downloaded, or rewritten to the local
destination if to be downloaded - download always occurs at most once in a
mirror of course).
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