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Subject: Showing pages, that are already downloading
Author: Erling
Date: 06/21/2013 17:02
Hello, I work for the national library of the Faroe Islands, and we're looking
into methods of preserving the cultural digital heritage that reside in
personal blogs, written by Faroese People. We have a comprehensive list of
these, and have succesfully with HTTrack downloaded them for archiving, so
that the following generations can make use of them.

Now our problem is; That when we open these pages they are so slow, to a point
where it is absolutely unsuable. Loading a saved website with its contents can
take over 5 minutes, and completely crashes the browser. We've tried on
several different PCs, and we've also tried moving the harvested websites to
other computers, other servers and also USB harddrives.

Example: I open
<file://localhost/E:/Bloggar/Bloggar/> in my
browser to open this saved website and its content. It takes me approx. 5+
minutes, and the same goes for pretty much all the other blogs even the
smallest ones. same goes for the path:
<file://localhost/c:/Bloggar/Bloggar/> where it
is also stored.

Do you have a solution for this problem?
I will check back on June 24th

Kind Regards
Erling, Librarian 

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Showing pages, that are already downloading

06/21/2013 17:02
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