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Subject: Re: what is -O1?
Author: WHRoeder
Date: 06/21/2013 17:48
>   I noticed that when I use WinHTTrack if generates
> a command string for httrack with a -O1 before the
> path instead of -O. This is not documented and I was
> wondering if there is some significance to the
> trailing 1 and if there are other values and there
> meanings.
Probably not.

> PS When using httrack.exe from the command line, I
> also discovered that no whitespace can be used in
> the options string for human readability because it
> does not "see" those switches that follow the
> whitespace. Probably ought to be mentioned when the
> guide gets updated. 
A switch is a dash followed by the name and optional value.
-nO v: the n is a switch, the O is also followed by its value.
-n O v: the n is a switch the O is not a switch (no leading dash.)
If you want switches with white space add the required dashes
-n -O v
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