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Subject: Regex-like ?
Author: Larry
Date: 06/27/2013 10:22

I would like to know how I could filter a website (mine)

I would just like to retrieve* and*

That is easily done by doing "httrack"

The problem is that some files inside point to other part of the website and
it is taken into account as legit by httrack.
E.g: has an url that redirects to and httrack understands it as being legit
since it has been found under the /2/ directory

Even "-r2" (less will block the entire process way too early) didn't help.

So I would like a way to tell httrack :

"Please Httrack, only just download pages which are* and
never follow any other redirections, keep going until there is no more files
in* and, again, do not redirect to other part of the
website, you will be kind"

I know, kind of personified here, but that is the idea :)

Any idea ?

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