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Subject: Re: distorted applet tags
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/10/2002 22:34
> When downloading html with command line version (httrack -
> p1)
> archive parameters in <applet> tags are disfigured
> with absolute urls:
> It is enough to change the codebase (which httrack does 
> correctly)

Ok I have added the problem on the TODO list - and I'll see 
what is causing this mess (apparently a side effect in the 

> P.S. My direct mail to was blocked by a 
> spam filter at!

Yes, because wanadoo is an important source of spam, and 
sometimes is being blocked by spamcop.. this is also 
annoying for me (because I am connected through wanadoo...) 
but as long as wanadoo postmasters don't do well their 
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