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Subject: Re: Copying course Website
Author: WHRoeder
Date: 07/01/2013 17:10
1) Always post the ACTUAL command line used (or log file line two) so we know
what the site is, what ALL your settings are, etc.
2) Always post the URLs you're not getting and from what URL it is
3) Always post anything USEFUL from the log file.
4) If you want everything use the near flag (get non-html files related) not
5) I always run with A) No External Pages so I know where the mirror ends.
With B) browser ID=msie 6 pulldown as some sites don't like a HTT one. With C)
Attempt to detect all links (for JS/CSS.) With D) Timeout=60, retry=9 to avoid
temporary network interruptions from deleting files.

> How can I copy this site.

You're not going to get the presentations because 
1) the link is: ... onClick = "play(PlayerType.Wmp, Bandwidth.High)" > View
Presentation< /a>
OnClick is a type of form and HTT does not click on forms.
2) Even with extended parsing, you can't get most videos because they play via
a SWF. HTT gets the swf but when you try to view, the swf tries to get the
video from the server which is now your PC and the videos don't exist on your
PC. Without links, it can not be done.
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