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Subject: Weird output in mirroring ?
Author: Mehdi
Date: 07/22/2013 20:28

If you run this:
httrack <> -O /home/httrack/javatester -r2

And you scroll all the way down in the mirrored index.html page you will see
the text "used offline by ....".

Now, try running an update (i.e: the same command a second time), you will get
at the bottom of the page where this "used offline..." was before, "Viewed
137,472 times since ...". This is actually what we are trying to capture. The
number of times viewed...

Can anyone shed some light on this behavior? i.e: why the first time it does
not work as expected?
Thank you,

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Weird output in mirroring ?

07/22/2013 20:28
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07/26/2013 16:09


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