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Subject: Update Existing Download
Author: Liz
Date: 09/11/2002 12:20

Firstly, let me commend you guys for providing such a 
brilliant software. It's simply awesome. :)

I wish to "Update an existing download". But I do not want 
the software to redownload any pages (either updated or 
not). Basically, I just seek to change the structure of the 
existing download. Initially I had saved it using the 
option "Site-structure (default)", but now I want to change 
the structure to "Html in web/html images/other in 

It it possible that the software changes the structure 
offline only, directly from the cache. This is very 
important since I have already downloaded GB's of data, and 
it is now that I realise that I need to change the 

Since the pages are dynamic (I have downloaded entire, it is trying to redownload each and every page. 
Please help me. I cannot afford to redownload the entire 

Also, I tried searching on the forum. I noticed a peculiar 
message at the URL


> I found that if you edit the new.ndx file in the 
> cache, and remove all the 'index' html file entries, 
> you can update a website without downloading 
> everything (on servers where the 'update' option 
> doesn'T work).
> I used the textpad regular expressins in textpad.
> Textpad Search string //
> \n.*index.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*//
> Textpad Replace string //
> Hope it helps!

Darn.. that might be right.. but this is really not 
advised, because this won't refresh the website

If you want to "continue" an interrupted (crash, 
connection brokeb..) website, use the "continue" 

If you want to update a website, you will have to use 
the real "update" option, even if it's a big slower :))

By the way, if the "update" process is slow, it might 
be due to .php/.asp pages - this problem will be 
partially solves with the new "--assume" option

Basically this is what I seek. But I am unsure as to what I 
have to change in the new.ndx file. The site which I have 
downloaded has each & every page named as index.html and 
lying in different folders. So do I need to delete the 
entire new.ndx file?
Thanks for being patient. You guys are simply marvellous

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