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Subject: Re: Facebook Authentication
Author: Charles
Date: 09/07/2013 07:13
"My first 2 attempts are the same all the pages are downloaded but they all say
the same thing, login with facebook to access."

I did you open any of the downloaded pages in a word editor to see what their
contents are? If not, the below may or may not be of any use to you.

Some time ago I mirrored a google blogspot site and it downloaded the pages
because I could see the html pages that Httrack had saved, but when I clicked
on any of the saved pages they went to the blogspot home page requiring me to
click the 'agree' button or some such thing. (I had had to use the Httrack
capture login to enter and mirror the site.)

I opened one of the saved html pages in an editor (notepad++ in this case) and
I could see the page contents in the editor.

It turned out that each html page had a script in it that made the page
contents hidden, to where they did not display in the browser. Going by memory
I think there was the actual word "hidden" within the script itself.

I used a batcb replace program to remove the script from the saved pages and
after doing that the pages correctly displayed in the browser.

I did make a back up copy of what I had before I attempted to remove the
script in case I did something incorrectly while removing them.

It may turn out that this is not the case with you but something to check on.

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