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Subject: Facebook Problems sprecial characters
Author: jaques m.
Date: 09/25/2013 12:57
Hey there!

i've got problems mirroring public facebook pages (so no login problem :) ).
E. g. with the site 


httrack downloads the 'first page' pretty good, but only until the end of the
page, when the webrowser would start fetching 'earlier 2013' entries with
java-script (well not to see on this example page but on most of the other
more used pages:) ).so i tried using the non javascript mobile page 


but it hangs somewhereand is not following the 'wall' link. Trying to feed the
'wall' link directly to httrack fails. With the following command at the linux

httrack <>
-*login* -*r.php* -o /tmp  

the -*login* -*r.php* options are ignored and httrack is not following the
link, i suppose due to the ampersand in the url it only recognizes
<> and not the important id part.

any help would be much appreciated!


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Facebook Problems sprecial characters

09/25/2013 12:57
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