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Subject: download java classes with -g option
Author: Frank Schweickert
Date: 09/15/2002 14:35
Sorry for always talking about httrack problems - it's a 
great tool! (That's why I spend so much time with it :-)

Just by accident I discovered, that httrack -g would 
download all the scattered java classes by parsing the main 
class in the <applet code=> parameter. This is exactly what 
I need - even though it's an unexpected behaviour of the -
g "just download files" option.

My problem now: My classes (see below) only work if they 
are located in the same directory. But httrack would 
download the rest of the classes in a nested folder 
hierarchy (from a java package structure?) and no -N1003 
would help to get all the class files to the same -O folder.

And there seems to be an problem with httrack, because 
winhttrack would download only correctly download 


with all values set to default (because then the main class 
is at it's original position)

But one has got a problem finding the classes when changing 
the site structure to flat (everything in site_name)! In 
this case the classes from java parsing are hidden in a 
nested structure while the main class is correctly located 
at the uppermost folder level.

My suggestions:
-g option should not parse the main class but only download 
the explicitly listed files
-N1003 should store all classes found to the same -O folder
       (which works if done by hand in the above example)


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