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Subject: Saving only xml-files in subpages
Author: frank
Date: 10/15/2013 13:35

I guess I will never understand WinHTTrack :(

I want to download only all xml-files (downloads) from a page:


which are in each subpages only.
I don't need the html and any picture, but every xml-file which is in the
second level down.

So I set my settings to:

Filterrules / Filter: +*.xml
Limits / Max Deep: 3
Limits / external: 0

But not all xml files in the result and a lot of html.

Is it not possible to crawl just for one single filetype in a whole website?
Or at least get the links so that I can create a batchfile with wget?



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Saving only xml-files in subpages

10/15/2013 13:35
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10/17/2013 19:51


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