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Subject: Cannot copy website anymore.
Author: Angelo
Date: 10/17/2013 02:11
I've been using HTTrack for over 2 years now. 
I have been copying 2 websites and then download on to SD cards which gets
inserted into Android Tablets for viewing the websites offline.

This past week, one of the websites www.premierorthotic just refuses
to cooperate, so to speak. This is the message I get - **MIRROR ERROR**
HTTrack has detected that the current mirror is empty.
If this was an update, the current mirror has been restored.
Reason - The first page(s) either could not be found or a connection problem
has occurred.
>>Ensure that the website still exists and/or check your proxy settings<<

Just so you know, I have been using the following IRL

What on earth is preventing me from copying the website?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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10/17/2013 02:11
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