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Subject: Re: Downloading forums
Author: z
Date: 10/17/2013 20:04
> -download a discussion forum with comments by user X
if the forum supports a listing of all threads/postings with user X, then pick
the user-relevant part of the url and include it in the httrack command,
exclude the rest.

httrack looks at file formats and urls and not at the content of a webpage,
e.g. downloading only pages containing the words "apple is crap" is not

-the forum requires login first (username and password)

sorry, but: rtfm & search the forum!

-index the results by username, discussion title

don't know. i'd guess not. try the different index options in the manpage like
-%I (make  an  searchable  index  for  this mirror) and look what happens -
trial an error. 
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