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Subject: Re: recovering a mrror with new.dat
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/18/2002 07:22
[sorry for the delay - my dsl connection was dead for few 

>in 2000 i mirrored a web site with winhttrack and now i
>need to prove that the pages did not have a disclaimer on
>them.  i only have the new.dat and related files from the
>cache, all others have been erased.  can i recover my
>mirror just from the cache files?  help please, tomorrow i
>need to show a printed document of at least one of the
>pages in question!

The cache (new.ndx + new.dat) normally stores all raw html 
data (untouched)

Therefore, potentially, yes, you should be able to recover, 
except for "binary" files (that is, gif files, zip files 
and so on..) ; you will be able to recover html files only 
(or data that was seen by httrack as html file)
Note: I suggest, before any action, to make a backup of all 
these files.

1. The simple way (I hope it will work)

- Make a backup copy of the complete old project ; the 
operations below may DELETE it if you don't do something 
- Launch WinHTTrack Website Copier (recent release, such as 
3.20) and create a new project by entering a new name (for 
example recovery)
- After clicking on the FIRST "next" button ; WinHTTrack 
will immediately create the correspoding folder in your 
httrack projects, AND an EMPTY hts-cache
- Copy your old project cache in this new project dir (the 
goal is to "fill" the hts-cache folder) to replace the 
empty hts-cache directory
- Change the WinHTTrack action to "* Continue interrupted 
download" (NOT "update" or "mirror")
- Type in the EXACT URL (I say: EXACT URL ; for example and NOT of the desired 
page to be recovered
- Go in Set Options / Limits and set Maximum Mirroring 
Depth to 0 (don't crawl)
- Go in Set options / Experts Only and set Rewrite Links 
to "Original / Original" so that nothing will be touched in 
the html links
- Go in Set Options / Browser ID and set the HTML FOOTER 
to "(none)" so that nothing will be added in the html page
- Start the mirror (click twice on NEXT)

If you're lucky (no redirect page or javascript crap) the 
operation will take 1 or 2 seconds. You will find in the 
new project directory the desired original html page, 
untouched, as it was when you mirrored it last time.

If not, contact me (, I'll see what can 
be done.
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