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Subject: Real newbye help please
Author: Danzauker
Date: 09/20/2002 01:51
Please pardon my ignorance but i'm a newbye and i haven't
been able to sole my problem een after reading FAQs and manuals

I want to d/l all files linked by a site such as:


this "main site" links to files at this address:

the command line i figured out is then:

-O /home/user/ghttrack/ -R5
+* -%H

but this doesn't work. it only gets the index in

i tried other settings but i laways finigh getting no other
files or way too much.

all the files i want are confined in the urls and folders i

can anybody help me?

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Real newbye help please

09/20/2002 01:51
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09/20/2002 07:19


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