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Subject: Directory Strructure Breaks
Author: noobie
Date: 02/18/2014 15:03
I need an answer for an odd problem:


- when i run httrack it goes down the structure and grabs all files intended
to get, follows deeper and reaches 


BUT the file 


links (redirects) to a file at a deeper level such as


The problem is there are many files that must be downloaded
in folder "subfolder2" but somehow httrack skips to the last index.html file
and does not go up and follow the "subfolder2" which is open for browsing,
files are accessible with firefox.

I guess httrack follows sequentially and do not follow upper directories
revealed by the last url.

Any solutions to this? Obviously i 'm looking for an automated solution rather
then adding each revealed directory by hand, in my case 1000's of them.

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Directory Strructure Breaks

02/18/2014 15:03


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