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Subject: A new feature request.
Author: Roger Fujii
Date: 09/20/2002 08:21
There is a problem when dealing with inconsistant sites
running under case-insensitive OSes (ie, windoze) -

  If a reference is made as "http//"
and another is made to <>,
httrack currently (and correctly) creates an A_dir and
a a_dir and puts a copy of "file.html" in each - even though
it is the same file.  It would be nice to have a switch
such that you can force httrack to do case-insensitive
comparisons on the URL to compensate for this.  

Now, what I am not asking for is to simply lowercase the
URL before processing.  This would destory all casing,
which is not desirable.  I'm wasn't sure where the best
place in inserting this (maybe in structcheck?), so I'm
would be appreciative for any suggestions (or 
implementation :) ).  Thanks


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A new feature request.

09/20/2002 08:21
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