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Subject: Corrupt HTML files
Author: Juergen Bethke
Date: 09/27/2002 20:48

occasionally it happens, that a downloaded HTML file is 
corrupt (eg. not complete). Unfortunately the corrupt file 
is also in the cache (new.dat). So "redownload" or "update" 
or "continue" doesn't solve the problem, because HTTrack 
thinks, that the cached file is identical to the server 
version (that is my interpretation).

Since it is a small mirror, I renamed the cache (plus 
mirror) and redownloaded the site, but now I have other 
corrupt HTML files. 
You might guess my question: How can I repair the corrupt 
files in the cache or how can I reinforce a redownload?
The documentation describes how to redownload corrupt 
pictures, etc. But pictures are normally not in the cache - 
HTMLs are.

I understand, that various circumstances may prevent 
complete download of files. What worries me a little, is, 
that there is no indication, that there was an error (eg. 
in the logfile), and that it doesn't seem to be easy to

I appreciate all good advice on this issue.

Best regards


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