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Subject: inconsistent downloading of links (
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 09/30/2002 07:11
Hi Xaviar,

I'm using WinHttrack 3.20-2 and have trouble with this URL 
(and some similar URLs too):

I configured Httrack with default settings, except download 
levels is set to 2.  When the download finishes (about 200 
files for 6.3mb), I open the copied project.cable.html and 
tried the following:
1.) clicked on the link to Main Projects Index 
(project_index.html) and I go to the archived copy.
2.) from the Main Projects Index page, I scrolled down to 
the Wires, Cables, and Jacks link (which is for 
project_cable.html) and clicked on it.  This takes me off 
the archived copy to the live version on the web.

Why?  It seems to me that this second link should just go 
back to the original page I specified, yet instead it goes 
online to the live site.

Another thing, I noticed that when I looked at the source 
of the downloaded html for this page, there were TWO 
Httrack generated headers in it like (ignore the 
3.20RC8D...I didn't update the header-line part of Httrack 

<!-- Mirrored from by 
HTTrack Website Copier/3.20RC8D [XR&CO'2002], Sun, 29 Sep 
2002 21:34:38 GMT -->

<!-- Mirrored from by 
HTTrack Website Copier/3.20RC8D [XR&CO'2002], Sun, 29 Sep 
2002 21:34:38 GMT -->
<head><title>Wires, Cables & Jacks</title>

Most of the other pages I downloaded from this site were 
handled correctly...these are just a few broken copy 
examples that I discovered while hunting for the cause of 
missed pages.

Any comments would be appreciated, and if you want more 
information let me know.  Thanks!

-Haudy Kazemi

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