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Subject: Pages redirected
Author: Pietro Ghillani
Date: 10/28/2014 17:10
Sorry if this topic has already been discussed: it is such a basic matter that
I was surprised not to find the answer.
My problem is that I have to download pages from a website that has the
following behaviour:
 - clicking on a link I am directed to a "request page"
 - the "request page" after a second or so becomes a "serve page" that is
almost identical but triggers the download of a zipped file containing pdfs
and other stuff

The "request page" requires the submission of a password but this should not
be a problem if I store it in a cookies.txt filr with netscape format.

Httrack as expected stops the tracking to the "request page" and the zip files
are not downloaded.
Is there a way/option to force it to wait for the "serve page" and dowload the
zip file as well?Thank you in advance.


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