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Subject: Copiing a Website with Login on Mac
Author: Peac
Date: 11/20/2014 11:24

I am trying to copy a website with HTTrack on Mac. So I have to use the
Its a Log-In Site. When I copy the first page after the log-in there is no
Problem. I exchanged my cookies and I can view the page and don't have to log
But when I go deeper in my site there are a few pages missing, and when I try
to copy those Sites on Mac, I can't get beyond the log-in page!

However when I copy the page on windows and click the build opton "hide
password" it works.

On Mac I should be able to type in %x so it does the same thing, but it just
wont work.
so it would be like this in my Terminal:

httrack -O "my path/projectName" -%x

I got the page via Windows now, but I would like to know why it doesnt work on

Any suggestions?

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Copiing a Website with Login on Mac

11/20/2014 11:24


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