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Subject: Don't update cached files on restart
Author: paul
Date: 01/01/2015 12:34

I am trying to create a local copy of a huge website, but it is taking several
days on my slow internet connection and I am finding that for one reason or
another I have to cancel the mirroring and restart before it is finished.

I use "continue interrupted download", but then I see that 100% of the files
are being updated, for example right now it is reporting "files written:
22260" and "files updated: 22260 (100%)".

Is there a way to restart the download without updating every file I have in
the cache.  I am not concerned if the file has changed since the original
download, I just need to get a copy of each page and minimise my download

Many thanks, Paul

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Don't update cached files on restart

01/01/2015 12:34


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