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Subject: Browser(s) won't display mirrowed site correctly.
Author: Luciano Humberto
Date: 01/01/2015 23:42
First time user of HTTrack, and I have to say I'm impressed. Great tool! Thank
you for making it available.

I have to capture and then report details about this site:

I'm using the command line version. After a good read through the manual /
tutorial (Fred Cohen) and a few attempts, I decided on these options (from
doit.log) <> -O "D:\\MSC_Temp" -w -%f0 -c8 -R5 -%P
-N0 -L1 -K -o -b1 -u -j -s0 -C -f -I -p3 -D -a -r3 -w -n +*.png +*.gif +*.jpg
+*.jpeg +*.css +*.js

I received a few error msgs during the mirror creation; however, I do not
think this is the cause of major issues. hts-err.txt is empty and hts-log has
about 9 error messages (all similar to Error: 	"Not Found" (404) at link
<> (from

The real problem is that when I open the mirror the page does not display
correctly. It losses the formatting completely, looking just like plain text
(although the links / navigation still work). Just one image is displayed (a
logo towards the bottom of the page). For the other images not even place
holders are displayed.

I went through the forum without finding a solution. I'm pretty sure it's
something simple but i was not able to figure it out.


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Browser(s) won't display mirrowed site correctly.

01/01/2015 23:42


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