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Subject: Can't continue copying a password protected Forum?
Author: Dennis T
Date: 01/03/2015 00:18
Hey everyone,
I have a problem with a password protected Forum. The only way I can copy it
is by using the "Capture URL" function and then using the login page of the

The problem is that this forum is really quite huge and it seems that I would
need a couple of days of leaving WinHTTrack on in order to get a full copy
(apparently it is at least 130,000 URLS). I can't do that though because I
also got to work on my computer and due to a couple of other reasons. 

So I want to cancel the download and continue later. However, when I do that
("continue interrupted download") the program doesn't log into the forum. It
proceeds to only download the non-member sections and those that are member
pages only show the log-in screen. So I figured I would use the capture URL
feature again when I choose to "continue interrupted download" - but that
doesn't work because it just adds a new url and copies the forum all over
again from there. 

So what am I supposed to do? Is there a way to interrupt and continue such an
operation? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
I would appreciate any help because the forum people have some quarrel with
the guy who's hosting it and it's uncertain if he's going to do something bad
like erasing or blocking access to the forum. He has already put it offline
several times....needless to say they want to change providers but we can only
do that if we have a full backup.

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01/03/2015 00:18
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