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Subject: Download only the site by itself!
Author: user2000
Date: 01/15/2015 21:40
How can I "correctly" download a website "only" and no other sites. Let me

So I have the following address (example)


My first question is this - should I add www. to it?
The next question is inside "Set options"

I clear everything under "Scan Rules"

Now what should I put there to download everything including all files on the
site (even those that are external), but NOT everything on the external
I tried*

on 2 lines, and immediately found out it was stupdid. So I know that much.
However, all my configurations lead to endless downloads, even on small
websites. So what is the basic setup I should use for downloading a website
with all data and files and not accidentally end up downloading the web?

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Download only the site by itself!

01/15/2015 21:40
Re: Download only the site by itself!

02/04/2015 05:38


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