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Subject: Setting level limits for specific pages only
Author: Dan
Date: 02/09/2015 03:06
Hi, I've been having problems trying to download pictures from instagram via  I can get the pictures ok but I end up getting way too many other
things i don't want.


I want to get everything under the hashtag #sunsets

my normal way to get stuff would be to use

+*/p/* to get the pictures
+*npk=* to get to the next page

it works ok but on each picture page (e.g. -
<>) there is a section "more
posts from this user" which has more pictures that i don't want to get but
there is no way to avoid it.

Is it possible to somehow put a level limit just on pages with /p/ in the url
so that i just goes 1 level deep and doesn't follow it forever and ever?
It seems the "more from this user" pictures have nothing about them that is
different enough to filter out.

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02/09/2015 03:06


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