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Subject: Download all pages under <domain-name>/*
Author: Simone
Date: 03/05/2015 16:08
Suppose I have a certain pages, e.g., how can I download
all the pages under (i.e.,, ...)?
Right now, I'm using the simple httrack <> -O
<output-folder> command, but it fails with some sites.

E.g., when I try it with <> , it doesn't
download anything. However, if I'm using <> (note
the missing slash), it downloads not only the content under
<>, but even content inside
<> .

So, there is a standard way to accomplish this goal?Thanks in advace.

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Download all pages under <domain-name>/*

03/05/2015 16:08
Re: Download all pages under <domain-name>/*

04/04/2015 18:09


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