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Subject: [Bug] v3.48-21 + Code to reproduce
Author: Tristan CHARBONNIER
Date: 03/22/2015 16:09
I found a website which fails to be saved by WinHTTrack v3.48-21. I tried
first with a previous version (I forgot which one but not a so old one.) and
it does the same thing. Then, I found out there was a new version and updated
thinking it may solve the problem but the problem remained.

It really easy to reproduce:
- Launch WinHTTrack and start a capture with this URL:

- Wait for WinHTTrack to have an empty "Actions" list
(For me, it happened around "Bytes saved: 18.31MiB" with "Links scanned:
1913/2215 (+306)" and "Files written: 2020", "Files updated: 0", "Errors:

- WinHTTrack UI stays responsive (even if nothing change on it) and has a
constant CPU usage (13% for me), no disk and network usages (using Windows
Performance Monitor). I left it for hours like this and nothing changed.

- You can click on the "Cancel" button but that doesn't cancel the capture, it
stays stuck. If you quit WinHTTrack, the UI disapears but the WinHTTrack.exe
process stays active. I also left it like that for hours but nothing

The content of this website folder is just a dezipped version of:

Hope it helps you to find the bug.


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[Bug] v3.48-21 + Code to reproduce

03/22/2015 16:09


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