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Subject: POST here your Comments, Requests, Bug Reports
Author: j@w3s
Date: 10/14/2002 05:35
I agree with you... and for my own requests/comments/bug 

I would like you to adjust the borderlines of the 'box' 
which shows files currently being received/requested/ready, 
coz some URLS are so long you can't see the full URL (if 
its a n image file, an html file, etc) ofcourse, you can 
click on it and a status window will show detailed info 
about it... very useful

Sometimes when I execute it and start to copy some site 
contents, the LOG files cannot be viewed, the command 
buttons are dimmed and empty description... well although 
not fatal....

WHen I run the program, it shows a welcome note on the 
right side and on the left is a window explorer like dir 
listing... but when im already 'mirroring' a site... the 
ICONS just begone on the left side just beside the DRIVE 
NAME of FOLDER NAME or FILE NAME! Just a cosmetic problem...

Overall, a good web copier... simple yet powerful, 
recommended for users who needs the power and efficient web 
copier... EXCELLENT... 5 stars!

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POST here your Comments, Requests, Bug Reports

10/14/2002 05:35
Re: POST here your Comments, Requests, Bug Reports

10/14/2002 07:29


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