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Subject: Error in httrack
Author: Lewis De Payne
Date: 04/18/2016 03:10
There is an ambiguity in the httrack Guide by Fred Cohen.


Under the section titled "Some More Examples," the first example listed is:

httrack "" -O "/tmp/" -R5H0Ko0s0zZd %H -V "md5
\$0" "+**"

Note that there is no "Ko0" option - since the author was being explicit as to
the options (including default options), he probably meant to write "K0o0" as
evidenced by his explanation of these options:

"[R5] It uses 5 retries to be more certain than normal of getting the files,
[H0] never abandons its efforts, [K0] keeps original links, [o0] does not
generate error
files, [s0] ignores site restrictions for robots, [z] logs as much as it can,
[d] stays in the principal domain, [Z] places debugging headers in the log

Note also that the explanation should have [z] followed by [Z], and then [d],
since the arg line is "...zZd" and not "...zdZ"

I hope this clarification helps someone else.

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