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Subject: Exporting a website and keeping the page name
Author: Steve
Date: 04/19/2016 10:19
Hey Guys,

First let me just say thankyour for creating such a great tool.

I have one quick question... Lets say my site has a page contact.html.

After export it all works but that page might now be called index-10.html

Is there a way to do the export and preserve the original page name. We used
wordpress to edit our site then export using winhttp track to place in a CDN.
It's out there but it allows our non-technical people to create the content
but then get the performance benefits of dropping Wordpress.

Problem is when the urls change in a way which we can't guarantee is
deterministic, we can't link to those pages now in a way which feels safe or
will be reliable with future changes when spidered by SEO and search engines.

Thanks for your help,

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Exporting a website and keeping the page name

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