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Subject: What's 'store text/html without scan' warning mean
Author: Johnson
Date: 04/21/2016 20:46
Testing out Httrack for downloading files from open directories.

For purposes of this test, I'm selecting "download separate files" as the
action & the only modification I'm making in the options is not to follow
robots.txt rules. The standard image file extensions are selected (+.gif +.jpg
+.jpeg +.png +.tif +.bmp).

Files from this link download just fine:

This link (just a handful of lightweight jpg files) however yields the warning
below without any files downloaded except for the index.html:

"Warning: Warning: store text/html without scan"

What is causing the block with the second link?

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What's 'store text/html without scan' warning mean

04/21/2016 20:46


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