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Subject: Httrack from space?
Author: Sam
Date: 05/11/2016 20:38
Hi I'm volunteering for It's a free broadcast of
useful and relevant news, information, and education available
anywhere on Earth. Outernet is a one-way data stream sent from
satellites to small solar powered receivers called Lanterns.

It seems like they are putting a lot of effort in getting the data the
20k miles to space and back, but not so much effort in getting it the
3 metres from their lantern device to someone's phone..

I proposed forking Httrack here:

It looks like they are up for broadcasting it if it's made a bit more
specific to their needs.

The reason for forking rather than using existing code would be;

* Will be used by people without English
* Will be used by people with very limited IT skills

So anything to make it simple would be a bonus.

I'm thinking it wouldn't be that much work to fork your code, rename
it 'Lantern app' or similar, then hardcode it to just download & sync
the <http://librarian.outernet/> URL?

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