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Subject: Improperly Formatted HTML (Reproducible)
Author: Willy
Date: 12/19/2016 19:41
If you direct WinHTTrack (32-bit or 64-bit) to
<>, the resulting
WinHTTrack HTML file will be very odd.  The contents are there, but it doesn't
look anything like the original. (sort of like dropping a frog in the blender
-- all of the pieces are there and you can tell what some of the parts are,
but you can't reformat the contents to represent what they used to look like.

One might say, "there's other scripting involved and it's preventing
WinHTTrack from formatting it appropriately", but if you are to go to
View|Source, select & copy the contents, then go to a file editor (it doesn't
seem to matter which one), paste it, save the file to something like
test.html, bring it up in your browser, the result is what one would expect
from WinHTTrack.  Granted, this could be a sign of client-side scripting, but
it's at least a place to start looking.

I could swear this worked in WinHTTrack not that long ago (as in the previous
3-4 mohths) and I've been tinkering with the various WinHTTrack settings, lest
it be a case of designating certain settings and "breaking" it (because I'm
using something different).  I'll continue to work with it and will post an
update if I manage to find something to massage the web page content. Oh, and
I will post an update 

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Improperly Formatted HTML (Reproducible)

12/19/2016 19:41


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