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Subject: Authentication required forum: Can't download
Author: DAVE
Date: 01/11/2017 16:30
I’ve been trying to download a section of a forum
(  that requires registration and have been
encountering numerous problems. 

First I was getting the 404 error and figured out it was because of not being
logged in. Then I read the tutorial on
capturing the login and followed it in Firefox and I did get the confirmation
page and it did create the link in HTTRACK but when I run it, it gives me the
403 proxy error. Now from where I am I must use a proxy and I did configure it
well in HTTRACK because I tried a different not login site and it did work so
I’m really not sure why I can’t download from the Forum. 

To be specific I want a copy of the entire TripReports section. 

Can someone please help me out?Thanks guys! 

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Authentication required forum: Can't download

01/11/2017 16:30
please help here guys

01/19/2017 10:43


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