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Subject: mirror checkout process
Author: Riccardo
Date: 01/19/2017 16:42
we're relaunching our e-commerce website and before that I want a clickable
archive of the old one including one complete example of the checkout process
(basket, paymentdata, summary, confirmation, etc.).

Now I don't want this for all products or anything, but only for one. Is
something like this doable with HTTrack? It would need entering some
dummy-data into various forms, in order to get to the next step. The important
thing is to preserve the actual pages of that checkout process and not the
data which was entered.

The ideal result would be to have all the more or less static website data
including CSS and JS and for one specific product the possibility to click
"add to basket" and do the whole procedure offline.

I see that HTTrack is a powerful and complex tool, so before I start my
endeavor it'd be nice to know if it's actually possible to reach this goal.

I already read about the "Capture URL" function, but I'm not sore if I
understood it correctly and wether with it it's possible to link some
consecutive "form-pages" together.

Could someone answer this? Would make me very happe.


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