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Subject: Error: Not Found" (404) at link www.ooooo.ooooo...
Author: Fred Cailloux
Date: 03/28/2017 23:12
I am new to HTTrack so bare with me if this is a stupid question. I have
searched previous answers to that error 404 code but in my case the result is
quite different.
I tried to download a whole WEB site called
this went relatively OK except for some 6470 errors, most are error 404 link
not found. I checked my local folder to which it was saved and found that many
(though not all) of those links have been downloaded successfully, yet the
error is still listed. Some other  links truly are not available, and some of
those error 404 links are actually available from my browser Cyberfox but have
been missed by HTTrack with an error 404. If I disconnect my internet
connection for testing purposes I can navigate offline except for those Not
Found links, even the ones that have been downloaded appear not present when
offline. So I am in the presence of 
1- error 404, real broken link, inaccessible at all.
2- error 404, OK link, no download, inaccessible offline
3- error 404, OK link, with download, inaccessible offline but accessible via
drive folder.

The Question: What parameters could cause such behavior ?Thanks all

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Error: Not Found" (404) at link www.ooooo.ooooo...

03/28/2017 23:12


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