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Subject: Manga reader website.
Author: Draawk
Date: 04/06/2017 04:07
Hi, I'm using httrack in Windows and I'd like to make a copy of this website:
<> so I could read that manga offline.

I've been trying to copy this website, it clones the main page
( and each one of the pages within the links
of the main page (/neverland/001/3577/1, etc) but the subpages only contain
one image, and I need every single one inside the subpages; ej:
/neverland/001/3577/1 && /neverland/001/3577/2 && /neverland/001/3577/3, etc~

What I can do to clone the main page and the subpages with all the files
inside them?

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04/06/2017 04:07


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