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Subject: Merging HTTrack Folders
Author: BrianS
Date: 04/16/2017 12:10
I have two "My Web Sites" folders that I wish to combine.
I am using Windows 10 & had to do a reload & so I ended up with more than one
HTTrack folder on different installs.  I am not willing to play with the
content in case I lose it so I am asking for help here.

I saw the information that individual projects can be moved.
Looking in the folder it appears that each project has a whtt file & the File

1. Do you need to use HTTrack to run a project or can it be accessed by a
browser somehow?
2. If I move the project (whtt file & the File Folder) to a "My Web Sites
folder" will HTTrack build a new directory including the new projects or do I
have to somehow force it to do that?
3. Once a project has been moved to a different folder, how can HTTrack be
used to update it?
4. This is a separate issue to the above.  
How do I do a HTTrack download that does not delete any files that have been
downloaded but only adds different files?  
Sometimes a site will delete content & I do not wish to lose content only add


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04/16/2017 12:10
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