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Subject: How to download complete mp3 files from a website
Author: Rupesh
Date: 04/30/2017 08:30
Hi I am Rupesh from India. I have android mobile phone.

I have seen a music website which  contains 9000 mp3 files and from that I
need 3000 mp3 files and these files are contained in a separate category and
again these files are arranged into sub categories. 

I know about offline browsers and I have used some of them on windows os but
at present I don't have Windows PC or laptop. some of which I used was neo
downloader which is used to download complete image files from a website and
it worked very nicely and it was easy to understand.

I am new to httrack and have no idea about scanrules, mime associations etc.,
I have tried to download complete mp3 files using httrack but I am unable to
understand the options I mean filters,flow control etc.,

I want to download only mp3 files and discard all other file types including
HTML,CSS,js,jpeg etc.,. The site structure must be present. 

If you suggest httrack please try to suggest the options I mean 
scanrules, type/mime associations.

Is there any tool based on httrack which provides simpler GUI interface for
android mobile phone.



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