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Subject: hdwallpapers
Author: TheGreenMachineSW
Date: 05/17/2017 00:19
Hello... I've been stuck trying to download all the wallpapers from
hdwallpapers for the past 4 years. Primarily because I've been trying to use a
Firefox/Chrome plugin called iMacros and the users on their forums are
completely unhelpful... It seems like a much friendly place over here so I'm
glad my buddy turned me on to this program! The program seems pretty easy to
use but there's some things I'd like to see if I can narrow down... I'd like
to just be able to download all the pictures from HD Wallpapers, in the video
game category/url bin or whatever it's called (I just can't remember the name
right now) and have the dimensions of the pictures be 1920x1080 (you can
select the size of the pictures when you're on the website)... If any of those
3 things could happen that would be great, if not, it's cool, thanks in
advance for any help. Take care!

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