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Subject: myBB forum complete 'backup'
Author: Ilda Ferro
Date: 05/18/2017 09:37
Saw every answer there is and none answered this, so here it goes

I need to do a full copy of a mybb forum where i am a member.

1 . using my credentials did bot work has threads did not show member content
(mostly links)

2. I read on mybb forum that it is possible to even know it's httrack . Being
a member i don't want to risk being somehow spotted.

3. It is a big forum with many pages, but i have time to leave httrack open
for a few days if it will go unnoticed.
Also read that doing category or sub category it would be safer to escape

If there is any way of achieving this, please help me I am trying to and
getting nowhere


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myBB forum complete 'backup'

05/18/2017 09:37


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