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Subject: Re: Mirroring site on SD card - Android 4+ ... 7
Author: GuardianOfMemento
Date: 05/19/2017 08:16
This problem is about read/write permissions on SD Card

The app must contain "xml" declaration about "SD Card read/write" to allow
select any path (i think, from KitKat+ and newest... they introduce this) (not
all programmers know or use that, so some apps are limited)

But there is a solution:

choose or create (if not exists)

on SD (extSdCard) 
(full path)
on SD (relative path)
../Android/data/ folder 

and select that path as base path (you can create any folders or subfolders as
you want)

PD1: Maybe there are more solutions, I have that problem and it works.

PD2: BTW use HTTrack with caution on SD Cards, as this is an "read/write"
intensive app, in fact i don't recommend using it on SD cards or mobile (too
often or too hard)

PD2: To copy files and subfolders to another device use a card/reader and plug
it via USB, MPT protocol is "shit" or via ADB

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