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Subject: "Proper" settings for a site?
Author: Mr B
Date: 05/20/2017 03:24
I'm trying to grab this site:

Mostly since it's good to have shit offline when it goes down.
Anyway, i realize that some features like the filter section of the database
wont work, and i don't mind if it just links to the online site, or just plain
does nothing, as long as it grabs the plaintext resources.
But for what ever reason it seams the site gets HTTrack confused, and it just
keeps going deeper in the rabbit hole, following links that leads back up, as
if they were links down. (Not sure if i make sense here.)

Anyway, if someone could hit at what option i have to activate / deactivate,
or what ever needs to be done to make this work, i'd love it. Seams i'm either
missing something that i once knew, or something changed with a newer version
of HTTrack.
Even using my old .whtt for the site, i get a download that keeps growing way
past 3gB, where as the old one is 1.5gB, even that seams inflated, and while
there is a bit added, it isn't that much...

Anyway, hoping for the best.
Thank you for your time and effort.

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05/20/2017 03:24
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