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Subject: A suggestion
Author: Will
Date: 05/21/2017 02:31
To Httrack developers,
I wanted to offer a modest/simple suggestion that would make this tool
infinitely more valuable and useful.  In the GUI interface when creating a
project, would get rid of the "http://" that appears before the input box in
which you enter the url of the site you want to copy.  Doesn't this limitation
prevent users from copying a website that uses the "https" protocol?  My
recommendation would be to simply provide an example of what a full url should
look like (protocol included and all) and allow the user of the application to
specify the protocol of the website they are trying to download.  Until then,
this tool is really too limited in its abilities to do what I need to do.  One
more suggestion, check out Cyotek's Web copy
( which allows for this functionality as
an example of what I mean.

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