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Subject: Re: What's Next after download
Author: Rising
Date: 05/22/2017 08:22
> Look in the folder where you selected to store the
> site.
> There will be a folder, (with the name of your
> project) two images, a .whtt file, and index.html.
> The last one is something of a list of the sites you
> stored in this folder. Open it with your browser
> (usually just double-clicking will do fine) and
> click on the site you want to look at.
> If you just want to move single sites around, enter
> the map of the project, end there will be a few
> folders, and at least 5 files. Two are the same
> pictures as earlier, and one is again index.html.
> It's a different index.html, but you use it in the
> same way, and it takes you to where your starting
> point for the site was.
> This makes it simple to move the site after copying
> it. Just copy the whole project folder, and your
> copying that site alone.
> Good luck.

Suppose downloading of CSS and JS was requested. Where inside the folders will
that be found?
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